“Life is a journey. There is no destination, no place to arrive. Life is a miraculous succession of soul experiences, amazing encounters, and a journey of soul discovery. You are your own guru. Follow your Soul Dream” – Sonia Ratto.

I haven’t been lucky, I worked my ass off.

I am the living proof you can follow your dream and live the life you love. I haven’t been lucky, I worked my ass off and I had really shitty moments of despair. I mean really shitty. But I dit it. I never gave up.


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Sonia Ratto

Hi, I am Sonia Ratto. I am an explorer and adventurer. I am French, I am a Yogini and the host of the podcast the Wild ‘n Wise Show. I live in the Sonoran desert, close to Tucson, Arizona. I strive to live an authentic life and live at the center of who I am. This blog is about my life lessons, my human raw experiences, and my life journey in a tiny house in the desert. Welcome to my blog.

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