A new chapter in the book of life

A new chapter in the book of my life has started, the journey in the Sonoran desert.

The journey started with a dream. The dream that one day I will have my own land in the desert. My project is to create a yoga retreat named « Arizona Desert Yoga ». My dream is to create a peaceful and nurturing place, with a few alternative living housing and a beautiful yoga studio, in the Sonoran desert. So in the middle of the Covid pandemic, in July 2020, I decided to buy a RV and move to Tucson. Just to be clear, RV life was totally foreign to me. Never had a RV before. Never lived in a RV. Never experienced living in a RV park. The plan was to 1) Get a job in Tucson 2) Renovate the RV, tiny house style and 3) Either live a RV park or find a land to rent for my RV, for the next 3 years to save money.

RV lesson I

Renovating a RV in which you are currently living in is a big challenge

Renovating a RV in which you are currently living is a big challenge. Lots of people renovate their RV before living in it. Very wise! I did not have the choice, I had to start my RV reno while living in it. I have a 27 feet long / 150 sf RV. That’s not big. This is very challenging cos’ you need to move things around constantly. Make space here and paint here, then move things around to paint there and so on. Get ready to leave a few paint stains here and there. Even if you are very careful with your paint, it is gonna be messy. You are going to clean a lot. In the oil base phase, buy a lot of eco-friendly oil thinners (avoid thinners with chemicals, there are good eco-friendly options now on the market). I will do a special post about painting a RV. That is a story in itself, believe me.

Renovating a RV in the summer in the Arizona desert is f***ing hard.

Avoid starting your renovation in July or August, when it is freaking hot. I did it and will not recommend it to my worse enemy. It is horrible, if you want your AC, you need to paint with closed doors which is not ideal in a small space, because of the toxicity of the paint. If you decide to avoid the intoxication and turn the ac off, then you basically paint in a can where it is 120F. I must say that at this stage of the process, I was drinking lots of IPA beers to survive this.

Renovating a RV in an empty RV park in the summer is not that doable.

Yes the RV park is empty because it is too f***cking hot in the summer here, and all the old snowbirds are not here (They would literally die with those temperatures). So you can make noise and paint a few items outside your RV, but there are park regulations and you cannot start big projects like using a paint spray outside to paint all your cabinet doors. I had to drive 3 hours to a friend house with my cabinets doors and stay in his place for the week-end to do my cabinet doors. You need a serious amount of motivation to go through that shit.

I am tenacious, so I decided to continue my renovation. Because despite the obstacles, the results are encouraging, I have a vision. Stay tuned.



Tucson, February 2021

Publié par Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto est française, yogini et artiste. Elle vit dans le désert de l’Arizona, près de Tucson. Ce blog est un journal de partage sur la vie, le cheminement, le désert, et le yoga.

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