I haven’t been lucky, I worked my ass off.

Today was a good day. This weekend I chill and work on my zen garden. Today was a good day. I got hired full-time by an awesome super creative agency in Denver that values my skills and appreciates me. After working 2 months and a half for them, they said I was killing it. It feels good. It is one of my best days of the COVID era, today and the day I decided « Fuck Covid. I move to Tucson to live in a tiny house in the desert ». Eight years ago, I was living in Paris in a shoebox and taking the underground every day to go to work. It was grey sky and rainy for 300 days. Three years ago, I was buried in snow in Denver. Today, I live in the desert where it is sunny all year long and the lowest temperature is 15 degrees celsius aka 50 F. I switched gear in 8 years. Less than a decade.

I am the living proof you can follow your dream and live the life you love. I haven’t been lucky, I worked my ass off and I had really shitty moments of despair. I mean really shitty. But I dit it. I never gave up.

Today, I was proud to tell my parents that at 47 years-old, I was happy and proud of myself. I may not have money in the bank, but I am so rich in experiences and life lessons. I owe no money, I live on my terms and the friends I have are for life. This feels good. I mean really good. 

Tucson, April 2021

Publié par Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto est française, yogini et artiste. Elle vit dans le désert de l’Arizona, près de Tucson. Ce blog est un journal de partage sur la vie, le cheminement, le désert, et le yoga.

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