Remember where you are coming from…

My grandmother passed away last night at 92. She was not in my life anymore. I loved her when I was a child. I had today waves of bitter and sweet emotions, an interesting mix of wonderful memories, and painful family dramas. I could have done meditation or yoga, instead, I did what lots of Americans do when they are sad, I went to Target and did shopping therapy. What I will remember from my maternal grandparents is their challenging life and labor, their escape from the Spanish civil war and poverty in Spain, their crossing of the Pyrenees mountains on foot with 2 luggages, and how they had to start a new life from scratch in France, with the stigma of Spanish emigrants.

My grand parents behind me, Mallorca Island, Spain, 1980

Even if I do not agree with some of the behaviors and attitudes of my grandmother, I want to honor my ancestors, the traumas they’ve been through, their courage to overcome terrible odds.

Honoring our ancestors whether we liked them or not, felt close to them or not, is a way to break free and be at peace with all our lineage. It is important to remember where you are coming from, maybe more than knowing where you are going.

Namaste. Tucson, May 2021

Publié par Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto est française, yogini et artiste. Elle vit dans le désert de l’Arizona, près de Tucson. Ce blog est un journal de partage sur la vie, le cheminement, le désert, et le yoga.

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