Loving myself… What do you mean?

It took me 47 years to understand my self worth and what self-love really means. I have always wondered  » How do you love yourself? ». For some people it is obvious but for some people like me who’ve been constantly told they were not enough, or not loveable if they were not accomplishing something, it’s a foreign concept, a struggle and a long healing journey. Life experiences in the last few weeks have literally opened my eyes. Here are some wisdom about self-love I’d like to pass.

Wisdom #1 : Stop beating up on yourself

Stop beating up on yourself when you screw and repeat a pattern over and over, there is no mistake, only life lessons, and sometimes we have to repeat a pattern for years and decades before really getting it.

Wisdom #2: Where do you put your energy?

Money is energy. Time is energy. Where do you put your energy right now? Ask yourself the question and you’d be surprised by the insights you’ll get.

Wisdom # 3 : Stop being nice.

Stop being a people pleaser, stop being nice. I am not saying you should not be kind or compassionate. I am saying « Set up your boundaries and say no » to people and situations that do not serve you or make you uncomfortable. Just walk away. Listen to your inner voice and your instincts. Very often, the time we spend to please people, or help people is subconsciously a diversion strategy to avoid taking care of ourselves aka doing the things we love, spending time with the people who really count, focusing on projects and dreams that turn us on.

Wisdom # 4 : It’s a journey.

Falling in love with yourself is a journey and an everyday day process. Sometimes we forget, we bump into situations and people, and then we remember.

Tucson, May 2021.

Publié par Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto est française, yogini et artiste. Elle vit dans le désert de l’Arizona, près de Tucson. Ce blog est un journal de partage sur la vie, le cheminement, le désert, et le yoga.

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