Be consistent.

The key of the menopause and post-menopause journey to stay healthy, balanced and fit is to exercise almost every day, I would say between four days or five days a week. It is more efficient to have a regular practice with short daily sessions (30 minutes to an hour per session) versus fewer and longer sessions. Consistency is everything! Build over time and after twenty one days, this daily practice will become fully part of your lifestyle and the key stone of your physical and emotional well-being. I am sorry to say, but you need to create time in your schedule, wake up earlier or take a break at lunch, or anything that works best for you. There are no short cuts if you want to alleviate menopause symptoms, stay lean and toned. Commitment and self-discipline are keys. It take 21 days to establish a new habit, so stick to it, if you fall off the wagon, come back to practice!

Yoga is your ally. Choose the right practice and the right teacher!

As a 47 years-old woman and yoga teacher going through the journey, I recommend yoga as the backbone of your practice for a zillion of reasons. Among the benefits of yoga, I would mention flexibility, stamina, bone and fascia health, hormones and mood swing regulations, to name a few. Please practice under the supervision of a seasoned and experienced yoga teacher. Don’t go to those commercial studios with undertrained teachers with only 200 hours of yoga training under their belt, inexistent yoga anatomy knowledge, and no understanding of what menopause is. Choose a teacher in your age group who knows what you are going through, a teacher who has a serious knowledge of alignment, yoga clinics, or yoga therapy. I recommend Iyengar Yoga of course, because this is the lineage I know the most, but they are great experienced teachers in many lineages Choose a teacher with whom you can practice a safe and intelligent yoga. Be wise!

Diversify your workouts. Choose low impact exercises.

The decline of estrogen during the menopause process creates a decrease in muscle mass and strength, so it is really important that you practice low impact strengthening and cardio activities with weight and resistance band. In your lates 40’s and in your 50’s, practices like pilates, barre, and core fusion are your best options. Because the decrease in estrogen cause inflammations in your joints and weakens your bones, you need to choose low impact activities versus aggressive high impact workouts.


Menopause is a bumpy ride that invites you to reflect and take care of your Self. Think holistic and reorganize your life to take care of your body-mind-spirit. You are changing, and there is no turning back. Menopause ain’t no fun. Don’t let yourself go. You can do it.

An amazing wild’n wise new you is waiting for you on the other side.


Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto is an experienced RYT yoga instructor, life coach, and Reiki master.

Sonia has studied and trained with Iyengar and Ashtanga Master teachers in Asia, India, and Europe. Dedicated to help women move gracefully through menopause, Sonia’s teaching is approachable and non-dogmatic, authentic, joyful and vibrant, with a focus on alignment and self-inquiry. Sonia is French and lives in the Sonoran desert, near Tucson, AZ. Discover more:

Publié par Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto est française, yogini et artiste. Elle vit dans le désert de l’Arizona, près de Tucson. Ce blog est un journal de partage sur la vie, le cheminement, le désert, et le yoga.

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