Be consistent. Yoga is you ally. Diversify your workouts, choose low impact practices. You are changing, and there is no turning back. Menopause ain’t no fun. Don’t let yourself go. You can do it. An amazing wild’n wise new you is waiting for you on the other side.

Loving myself… What do you mean?

It took me 47 years to understand my self worth and what self-love really means. I have always wondered  » How do you love yourself? ». For some people it is obvious but for some people like me who’ve been constantly told they were not enough, or not loveable if they were not accomplishing something, it’sLire la suite « Loving myself… What do you mean? »

Giving, giving, and burning out. Balance and imbalance in the Circle

Today, I came to the realization that I was exhausted. I have been working a lot recently, taking on a lot of tasks, helping people around me, having 3 days in one. In the middle of this, I deal with a move to another place, In parallel, I deal with perimenopause too. Oh! and thereLire la suite « Giving, giving, and burning out. Balance and imbalance in the Circle »